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Shame he lost!

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Rampage Jackson should have beat Chael Sonnen at Bellator 192

By Staff @lavoxdeportiva

Saturday January 20th saw The Forum host Bellator 192, a respected MMA league all around the world of mixed martial arts. There were knockouts, bloody affairs, and other-worldly bruises that leave fans in shock and awe. While Douglas Lima and Rory MacDonald fought in a gladiator-like bout for the welterweight title, there was an even bigger fight on the cards.

This year, Bellator announced that there would be a new competition to decide the heavyweight. The format that was created includes 6 former heavyweight fights in Fedor Emilienenko, Frank Mir, Ryan Bader, Roy “Big Country” Nelson, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, and Chael Sonnen. There will be 4 the quarterfinals will be 3 five minute round fights and the championship will be five five minute rounds. 

Saturday saw the first of four quarterfinal matches take place as Rampage Jackson took on the “The American Gangster” Chael Sonnen. While Sonnen won (albeit unconvincingly). The fight should have gone to Jackson. 

In the first round, Jackson was all over the West Linn heavyweight. He put himself in good positions to where Sonnen was unable to take him down to the ground. He even landed heavy jabs that stunned him. Towards the end of the first round, the former UFC light heavyweight champion caught Chael by the leg and threw down on the mat like a stuffed animal where he proceeded to land body shot after body shot. While Sonnen held his own, round one should have gone to Jackson. 

The second round went to Sonnen, but while he claims that even if he fights 3 v 1, 4 v 1, and 5 v 1, he will make his opponents call 911, he did the exact opposite of what he espoused pre-fight. He then proceeded to take Rampage down and laid on top of him the whole round, that’s CERTAINLY going to send Rampage to the hospital alright (sarcasm).

Sonnen then did the same thing at the start of the third round, but halfway into it, Rampage surged back into contention. He was landing fierce punches, damaging his ribs with his brutal body shots, and managed to make Sonnen uncomfortable, even when he was on top of him.  Sonnen was clearly feeling the shots Rampage was unleashing on him. Rampage’s comeback should have seen him win the third round and ultimately, the first quarterfinal bout of the heavyweight world grand prix. There’s no way that fight should have been a unanimous decision for Sonnen and should have been a split decision in favor of Jackson. 

While’s Sonnen’s wrestling shown through, he’ll need to do more against the winner of Frank Mir/Fedor Emilienenko if he wants to win the heavyweight world title. 




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