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The Lakers LBJ-PG13 Effect

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Many Laker and NBA fans have anticipated this moment of free agency for years

by @NickHamiltonLA for @LaVoxDeportiva

Many Laker and NBA fans have anticipated this moment of free agency for years, much like a young child eager to open up gifts on Christmas. The questions mounted ever since the departure of the great Kobe Bryant, on how will the Lakers get back to greatness? With five straight seasons of no playoff appearances, and celebrations occurring regarding high draft picks, the most prestigious sports franchise had took an enormous hit from the top.

In 2018, under the ownership of Jeanie Buss and the leadership of Magic Johnson, the Lakers appear ready to usher in a new era in order to elevate back to the promise land of excitement and championship contention. With free agents such as Paul George and Lebron James available, many suspect why would James and George commit to a team that is young in the tooth with no playoff experience, and a low chance by experts to win an NBA title anytime soon?

For George it’s simple, being from the Palmdale area, he’ll have an opportunity to build his legacy and play for a team who grew up idolizing. 

For James, it’s deeper than basketball, this is opportunity to be an iconic figure not only in the sports world but in every aspect of the business world. James once stated earlier in his career, he wanted to be the multi-billion dollar athlete, and the most logic choice would be if you’re multi millionaire to link with a billion dollar global franchise in the Lakers. He would continue to build his empire in Los Angeles with his partners and learn from one of the most successful and astute businessmen in Johnson at the helm. Many of us have suffered through the countless GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) arguments and debates of Michael Jordan verses James. When in reality, it’s Bryant who James has his eye on surpassing. 

Imagine if James took the Lakers back to the NBA Finals and helped them capture a 17th championship. His Finals record goes to 4-7, and helped the team tie the rival Boston Celtics for championships. James continues to have an immaculate career in the world of film, television, and business. His charitable work would also improve the quality of life for many children and young adults throughout the urban Los Angeles areas. Let’s not get started on the financial impact James would have on the City of Angels. In the words of TDE artist Jay Rock it’s a “win, win, win!”

James would obviously be the Batman, as George would be his Nightwing in the rotation. If Kwahi Leonard somehow were added to the mix (via trade from San Antonio), with the right supporting cast around, this has all of the ingredients of a championship caliber team in the making. And yet it starts with acquiring the services of The King. Then again we couldn't rule out Kevin Durant to L.A. could we? 

His heart may always be in Cleveland, but his mind, wallet, and body belong in Los Angeles, where he'll be that global icon that he envisioned. 

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